Disciple groups are gatherings where we pray, share what God is teaching us in his word, and hold each other accountable to what God is teaching us. Some groups are gender specific, while others are for both men and women. Groups meet every other week in different places and at different times, and typically last and hour and a half.

Disciple groups play a crucial role in the teaching and discipling ministries of Union View. We like to compare teaching to cooking to explain how. Sunday morning worship is like going to a restaurant and sharing a meal together. We gather to feast on the word, enjoying a meal (the sermon) prepared by one of our pastors. You don’t see the behind the scenes work on Sundays, but we all get to enjoy the finished product. Bible classes, which also meet on Sunday morning are like cooking classes where you learn the ins and outs of cooking. Just like a cooking class teaches you how to cook, Bible classes teach you how to read, understand, and apply the Bible for yourself. We appreciate the teaching of our pastors, but we don’t want you to be dependent on them. We want you to be able to cook five star meals for yourself from the Scriptures! And then there’s disciple groups. Disciple groups are the chance to come together and cook for each other. That’s the crucial component of a disciple group–putting what we’ve learned about understand and applying Scripture into practice for the joy of others. The idea is that you study the word and share what you have learned with your group, and in the process, like iron sharpening iron, we disciple each other.

If you’re already connected with a disciple group, great. If not, look over the list below. Click on one you’re interested in and you can email the group leader to let them know you’re interested. One note on picking a group. If you are married and have young children, we’d like the husband the go to a men’s only group and the wife to a women’s only group. We’ve set the groups up to meet on alternating weeks so one parent can stay home with the kids.

Wednesday Evening Mens groupWednesday7:00-8:30pm16+Main BuildingMain Building - off campusGeneral StudyNoOpen
Wednesday Evening Women's groupWednesday7:00-8:30pm16+Jess Hatzopoulos' HouseJess Hatzopoulos' House - off campusGeneral StudyNoOpen
Wednesday Men & Women's groupWednesday7:00-8:30pm16+Brain & Kathy's houseBrain & Kathy's house - off campusGeneral StudyNoOpen

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